We have long-standing partnerships with the best farmers, producing the finest Japanese green tea in the most exceptional growing region of Japan.
Whether food service, bulk supply, or private label, we work with our clients to artfully create products to your precise needs.
All our teas are available in different grades and formats like loose leaf, bagged and bulk, to be packaged to specification.
For culinary or ceremonial use, custom blends or bulk Japanese matcha for food production, we strive for consistency and excellence.

Crafted to Perfection. Steeped in Tradition.

Fujini Tea has been a respected tea purveyor in the ancient capital of Kyoto since the early 20th century. With a passion passed down through generations, Fujini Tea has cultivated relationships in the area’s most elite growing region. Picked at its peak from the cascading hills of Uji, and processed with the utmost care, Fujini Tea is crafted to perfection and steeped in tradition.

Why Choose Fujini

For almost 100 years, Fujini Tea has produced the highest quality Japanese green tea through meticulous procurement, thoughtful innovation, and impeccable customer service.

In addition to our own premier teas, Fujini Tea works with clients to craft custom blends and packaging so that the unmatched taste and quality of authentic Uji tea can be savored throughout the world.

Our Teas

Balancing taste, aroma, and umami, Fujini Tea is an exquisite experience however and wherever it’s enjoyed.