History of Matcha

Tea originated in China and was brought to Japan in the 9th century by priests and merchants. However, it was the zen monk, Eisai, who is credited with planting tea in the Uji region on the outskirts of Kyoto – even in the 14th century a center of politics and culture.

The terrain in this area of Japan with gentle slopes, mild temperatures, rich soil, and ever-present mist, produces the world’s most exceptional green tea. During the Age of Provincial Wars, shoguns often had tea masters in Uji prepare their tea, increasing the value of Uji tea.

Then In the Edo Era, the first Uji Tea of the season was delivered to Edo via teapot procession. And so it has continued through the centuries with many tea producers and traders working steadily to improve tea-making techniques of Uji Tea in its long history and tradition.

Our Teas

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