Our Team

Above all else, we are passionate about tea. With each generation, our family continues to build upon Fujini Tea by creating new business partnerships, seeking out farmers who are always improving their teas, and innovating the way that we process, blend and package our green tea.

Taizo Kagata

Taizo Kagata


At the age of 26, Taizo Kagata immersed himself in the tea industry, actively studying tea and placing first in “Midori-Kai”, an invitation-only, tea examination and technology competition hosted by the Kyoto Tea Industry Youth Association. As he leads the fourth generation of Fujini Tea, Taizo is looking ahead to the 100th anniversary of the company’s founding. He is actively planning new facilities to meet the changing needs of customers and further expand the scope of product development, specifically the particle size of powder processing, which lends itself to greater versatility.

Machiko Kagata

Product Development Manager

Machiko joined Fujini Tea in 2006. Directing from new product concept building, designing, and technical production planning to tea leaves selection, product testing, full production management, and product packaging. Machiko has a proven track record in inventing new tea products that have sold more than 500,000 packages to date. Please ask Machiko anything about your Private Label needs.

Hanayo Kimura

Sales Manager

Hanayo joined Fujini Tea in 2012. Directing from market research, product marketing and sales strategies, and online and offline sales. She also leads all Marketing efforts including social media marketing. Hanayo provides you with the best proposal and practice as possible that meet your specific procurement needs in Food Service and Bulk Supply

Fujini Tea's Process

Our Process

Innovation is at the core of all we do. We are always searching for the best way to make the finest teas. We place equally great importance on safety and quality control. This ensures that the color and freshness of our teas is of a consistently high level.

Particle size is very important, but there is science to it; balancing grinding speed and heat to ensure that the finish is at its most fragrant. We’re currently excited about our powder processing that allows us to grind to 10 microns, the general setting is 13 microns.

USDA Organic Certification

Organic JAS Certification

ISO 22000 Certified Factory

Halal Certified

Our Factory
Farmers of Fujini Tea
Mr. Taizo Kagata visiting Farms
Mr. Taizo Kagata, CEO, visiting farms

Our Farmers

Just as our company is family owned for almost 100 years, many of the farmers we buy from have been in the tea growing business in the Uji region for generations. We have a connection. In order to deliver high quality tea throughout the year, year after year, we often visit the tea farms to talk with the growers and select the most excellent tea leaves for our customers.

South of Kyoto, lies the small town of Uji, renowned throughout the world for its exceptional green tea. Dating back to the 13th century, the rolling slopes, rich soil, mild temperatures and endless mist have created ideal conditions for superior shade grown tea. This lack of sunlight encourages the production of chlorophyll which leads to both vibrant color and higher caffeine. Plucked at its peak and quickly steamed and dried to prevent oxidation and retain the vibrant color and delicate flavor that made it the tea of the Imperial Family.

Our Teas

Our commitment to innovation, our long-standing partnerships with regional growers, and our family’s passion for tea mean that every product is exceptional.