Sealed Bag
We use the highest standard safety food bags made specially to seal tea products for freshness. These bags come a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to meet your needs.

Paper Tea Bag
These bags are made from planet and people friendly materials in a convenient size for mugs and teapots. This format makes enjoying the authentic Japanese tea simple.

Soilon Tea Bag
These soilon tea bags, can be used just as our paper tea bags. Additionally, these carbon-neutral materials don’t emit harmful gases and can be converted into compost or biogas to recycle.

Loose Leaf
For those who prefer a traditional form of Japanese tea, we process various tea leaves including organic and naturally grown ones, at our ISO 2200 certified factory. Custom blends are available to meet your preferences.

Our powdered tea products are ground at low temperature by traditional millstone to create fine granularity with a smooth and rich taste. Ceremonial grades are easily whisked into hot or cold water while culinary grades are suitable for any food production.

Loose Leaf & Powder
High-quality matcha green tea powder is carefully blended with loose tea leaves that have been carefully selected by our tea masters.

Blended Powder
Our blended powder teas incorporate naturally extracted fruits flavors with high-quality matcha powder teas for a variety of unexpected offerings.