Bulk Supply

We are pleased to provide 100% pure Kyoto and Uji green teas in large volumes processed at our own factory in Kyoto, Japan. From bulk organic ceremonial grade or culinary matcha to bulk blend teas such as Sencha Green Tea and Brown Rice Tea or Sencha Green Tea and Yuzu, we maintain consistency and the highest quality from our facility to your door.

Our Bulk Supply Services


We offer a wide range of the highest-quality organic Kyoto or Uji Matcha and other green teas in pallet and container quantities. Our standard industrial tea packaging is 20kg, however we can work with you if you need smaller volumes.


As one of the largest matcha manufacturers in Japan, we carefully evaluate our large volume bulk tea leaves before production. Then, all our bulk tea is stored in refrigerated warehouses to maintain freshness. In this way we can ensure the highest quality in taste, aroma and, color. This attention to detail guarantees the consistency of our bulk matcha in every order.


Our organic green tea is produced by local farmers in the Uji or Kyoto region. Collectively they follow the world’s leading food safety regulations, including ISO 22000, Japan Halal Foundation, Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS). Additionally, our organic bulk matcha teas are Certified Organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). All of our products are vegan and gluten free.


Fujini Teas provides each customer with unparalleled service and support directly from Japan. Our sales team knows everything from details about specific products to international logistics, ensuring speedy feedback and solutions for your questions and quality assurance.

Interested in Bulk Services?