Ceremonial Matcha

Since the 13th century, when tea was first brought to Japan from China by the monk Eisai, it has evolved into an integral part of Japanese culture. During the Muromachi period (1336-1573), a monk called Muratajukou introduced the concept of spirituality into the tea ceremony. Before this era, the tea ceremony was lavish and luxurious, but this new concept of “wabi-cha” by the tea master Sen no Rikyu, involved being grateful for things without extravagance.

The idea of finding beauty in rustic simplicity led to a shift in tea rooms, tea utensils, and incorporating “wabi-sabi” into the tea ceremony; emphasizing acceptance of what is, staying present in the moment, and appreciating the transient stages of life. The simplicity of the Japanese ceremony is still valued today. Without distraction, the tea may be enjoyed mindfully, in the purest way.

ceremonial matcha

Fujini is pleased to offer these highly sought after, single origin, ceremonial grade matcha teas from the renowned Uji region of Japan.

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