Organic Brown Rice & Sencha Loose Leaf

This blend of organic steamed green tea leaves and organic toasted rice naturally promotes relaxation. Enjoyed hot or cold, the toasted, nutty flavor of the rice balances the fresh grassy flavor of the green tea, making this tea a favorite.
ColorPale Vivid
UmamiLight Rich
SweetnessBitter Sweet
AromaFresh Roasted

GRADE: Basic
Organic Green Tea (Kyoto), Organic Brown Rice (Japan)

CERTIFICATIONS: USDA Organic, Japanese Organic Certification (JAS), Halal, Vegan, Gluten Free, ISO 22000

HALAL Certified

How to Drink

Cold or Hot

When to Drink

Enjoy Midday


Paper Tea Bag
5g • 10g

Soilon Tea Bag
2g • 5g

Loose Leaf
500g • 1kg • 5kg • 10kg • 25kg

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