Organic Sencha Loose Leaf

Appealing to everyone, our basic grade, organic green tea is a healthy coffee substitute with a fresh, grassy aroma that makes a perfect cup whether hot or cold.
ColorPale Vivid
UmamiLight Rich
SweetnessBitter Sweet
AromaFresh Roasted

GRADE: Basic
INGREDIENTS: Organic Green Tea

CERTIFICATIONS: USDA Organic, Japanese Organic Certification (JAS), Halal, Vegan, Gluten Free, ISO 22000

HALAL Certified

How to Drink

Cold or Hot

When to Drink

Enjoy Early & Midday


Paper Tea Bag
5g • 10g

Soilon Tea Bag
2g • 5g

Loose Leaf
500g • 1kg • 5kg • 10kg • 25kg

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